Advance Australia (un)fair?

by DBL Lead Instructional Designer, Mike Mackay
In 1902 women in Australia won the right to vote and be elected to parliament. So why in 2017 are women still paid less than men for doing the same job?
Yesterday, the 4th of September was Equal Pay Day in Australia. The date wasn’t randomly chosen, it marks the additional days from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men in Australia. 
In dollars and cents terms, using Average Daily Earnings data from the ABS for fulltime employees, the current pay gap of 15.3% makes a difference of $251.20 per week.The impact this has on superannuation savings for women is catastrophic.
At DBL we know that most organisations understand the need to move on from last century’s thinking when it comes to issues relating to diversity and inclusion. Many see the effects on their management and leadership pipeline. The gender pay gap is highest in the 45-54 age group at 20.0%. This is a pivotal stage in any career and as things stand, women are being discouraged right at a time when their value should be at its peak.
Thanks to the global analysis of 2,400 companies conducted by Credit Suisse we know that organisations with at least one female board member yielded higher return on equity and higher net income growth than those that did not have any women on the board. We also know that diversity of all kinds leads to better outcomes when it comes to solving complex problems. And finally, to add irony to insult, increasing women’s workforce participation by 6% could add $25 billion a year to Australia’s GDP
DBL’s research-based programs win hearts and minds. We change organisational cultures by embedding new ways of thinking and new behaviours in the workplace, advancing Australia in ways that are fair, for all. 


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