Industry believes in a balance between artificial and social intelligence.

What will we as a ‘human’ workforce need to learn, understand, change and develop to succeed in the artificially intelligent workplace of the future?
At recent focus groups held by Development Beyond Learning (DBL) in Sydney, London and Singapore this was the hot topic of conversation.
DBL invited business, talent, people and culture, and learning and development leaders, from diverse industries, to roundtable events to discuss the future of work. The discussions focused on three areas: the future of work, future skills and future skills development. The burning question everyone left was; what would be the true impact of the future on the workplace and how could we start to embrace AI?
Whether you believe it’s science fiction or not artificial intelligence is on the rise and smart machines will transform how we live and work. It is already happening now!
The World Economic Forum recently released a video listing the top 10 countries adopting AI and robotics in the workplace. In the numb…