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Advance Australia (un)fair?

by DBL Lead Instructional Designer, Mike Mackay In 1902 women in Australia won the right to vote and be elected to parliament. So why in 2017 are women still paid less than men for doing the same job? Yesterday, the 4th of September was Equal Pay Day in Australia. The date wasn’t randomly chosen, it marks the additional days from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men in Australia.  In dollars and cents terms, using Average Daily Earnings data from the ABS for fulltime employees, the current pay gap of 15.3% makes a difference of $251.20 per week.The impact this has on superannuation savings for women is catastrophic. At DBL we know that most organisations understand the need to move on from last century’s thinking when it comes to issues relating to diversity and inclusion. Many see the effects on their management and leadership pipeline. The gender pay gap is highest in the 45-54 age group at 20.0%. This is a pivotal stage in any career an…

Leading at Lightspeed with an ethical advantage – a call to action for those of us who choose leadership

by DBL Managing Director, Josh Mackenzie Let me ask you a question. As a leader, do you consider yourself a catalyst for positive change in the world? Do you consider your work a significant contribution to society? What about that of your organisation? Some of us do, and some of us don't, or we may move between. I’ve certainly been in both camps. Whether a graduate just starting out, a middle manger dealing with the pressures of being in the middle, or a senor executive yearning for something more - every action we take as professionals and leaders has a domino effect on the world around us – what do you want that to be? Our approach and decisions impact our people, our customers, our suppliers, our organisations and in the end, the world - for better or for worse. To some this as an inconvenient truth – something that has to be ‘dealt’ with and ‘managed’. Others see this as an enormous opportunity to make our work and our lives really count for something. What about you? Look aro…
Self Development Labs - DBL: We know the 'formula' for great graduate training! It's in our 'DNA'! Last week the DBL Team spent two days at a leading mass media and information firm both at their New York and London offices, training graduates on themes of teamwork, influencing and prioritisation via 'Self Development Labs.' These three themes were tested via their participation in the graduate business challenge that has also been launched today with the aid of Development Beyond Learning. The business challenge, which involves the graduates coming up with and facilitating innovative ideas to promote the brand of the firm, will take place over the next two days and will aid future strategy. Challenges like this one allow for the graduates to put in to practice their personal development training not only from today but also from the past few months, and gives them the opportunity to transfer these skills when working on a team orientated task.