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DBL's Inaugural Leaders Summit - an event for thought leaders

by Lucinda Hume-Beatty Each day we wake up to new headlines, discoveries and disasters. The political, economic and social shifts that occur daily shape every aspect of the corporate world. How do we respond to climate change? Cyber hacking? Changing markets? Unstable governments? All these topics require the attention and probe the capability of Leaders. The world is moving at light speed, and businesses need to move with it.
Leaders are tasked with preparing their businesses to progress with constant change. In October 2017, Development Beyond Learning will be holding its first ever Leaders’ Summit in both London and Sydney, uniting successful and inspirational C-suite executives and senior leaders from a range of industries. Over the course of a morning, you’ll explore the need and desire to develop as leaders to grow with the world’s ever-changing political, economic, social, environmental and technological climates.  
Business Leaders of today and of tomorrow must adapt when unprece…

The Real Leadership Debate: Women, are we our own worst enemy?

by DBL Global Manager, Angela Hands

As a business leader, I never consider that my decisions, attributes, my communication style or the way I lead is because I am female.  I had the privilege to have this emphasised throughout my recent attendance to the Change Makers Rule Breakers (CMRB) Leadership program on Necker Island hosted by Sir Richard Branson and the CMRB team. Amongst our diverse group of leaders, we were never recognised for our gender, but instead for our unique skills and attributes which could contribute to support and leverage each other’s entrepreneurial businesses. Can females be their own worst enemy when it comes to stepping up into leadership roles?  I would dare to say the majority of society has a view that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, but what qualities and skills you can provide to become a successful leader.  We are fortunate that today we live in a world where there is no limit as to the roles women want to and can play. We can have it all and balance …

Advice I would have given myself when I became an accidental manager..

by DBL Sales and Marketing Manager, Jason Ward

Nick Leeson was bringing down Barings Bank, Frank Bruno was WBC heavyweight champion, Goldeneye was the latest 007 offering and The Rolling Stones “Start it Up” was the backing track for the latest Windows launch. It was 1995, and the year I was given my first major project and team to manage. I was 27, in a high growth technology company full of successful people. Teams were smashing targets, the company had recently IPO’d, and with some controversy, we were disrupting a traditional market, riding the crest of our wave. We were led by a charismatic British entrepreneur with World domination in his sights. I had the chance to raise my profile further and build a successful team. My naivety in ’95 makes me shudder. I didn’t even factor that I needed management training. I was successful in various business development and sales roles, knew the business and the market inside out. For me that was enough.  My first piece of advice to my twenty-s…

What the Ocean taught me about Leadership

by DBL Chairman, Gary Lear Have any of you thought of doing something just to challenge yourself? The question might be, “Why would I? I’m good.” Recently, while visiting with Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island for a Game Changer Rule Breaker week, I was inspired by “Dr Yes” as he calls himself. In one of his talks to our group he said something to the affect, “If you get an opportunity, and you believe in it, say yes. The worst that can happen is you’ll get a whole heap of learning.” So the opportunity was swim 3.5km in open water from Necker Island to Moskito Island, Richards other home. For me, this challenge provided some important leadership outcomes as well as great life experiences. The time was set for 9.00am on Wednesday 30th May. It was now Monday so I had 48 hours to find a way, an excuse not do it. All Monday and all Tuesday I keep telling myself I was going to do it and there was a little voice saying, “You’re crazy Gary, you’re 70 years old”. Now I could do one of t…

What I learnt about leadership and strategy in 15 minutes playing Chess with Richard Branson

by DBL Managing Director, Josh Mackenzie
That’s my first pawn gone. That’s my second. I’m moving my Bishop out to attack. He moved another Pawn forward. His Queen is now wide open to my Bishop. I just took his Queen. He just took my Knight … and my Rook … and another Pawn. This is moving quickly … the outcome seems inevitable now… Check Mate. What just happened? So there I was. Sitting face to face with one of the world’s greatest business strategists and leaders. Having read about Richard Branson for almost 20 years and having never met him properly, I suddenly found myself sitting across a chess board early one Sunday morning in his beach club on Necker Island. I was there with the Change Makers Rule Breakers program, having only arrived the previous night.  It was a chance rendezvous. I had taken myself exploring the island after breakfast and stumbled on to the tennis courts and in to beach club. The place was empty – it was early Sunday morning after all – with only a cool breeze an…

Breaking Rules and Igniting Leadership at Light-Speed on Sir Richard Branson's Private Island

The Executive Team of Australian-based global training company Development Beyond Learning (DBL) continue to break the rules and take on the world by mixing with the biggest names and minds on the planet. Specialists in leadership development programs, DBL recently attended the invite-only ‘Change Makers Rule Breakers’ program on Sir Richard Branson’s luxury private island, Necker Island. “Meeting and collaborating with a diverse group of entrepreneurs on Necker Island allowed us to think bigger with how we do this” “These gatherings have become incredible incubators of brilliant ideas in magical settings. I’m honoured to host entrepreneurs who have the vision to see the potential of a better world."Says Sir Richard Branson. Over 5 days, DBL and 31 entrepreneurial business leaders from around the world were challenged by Sir Richard Branson, and each other, to think outside the box on how they're responding to the big social, environmental, technological and political challenge…