DBL's Inaugural Leaders Summit - an event for thought leaders

by Lucinda Hume-Beatty
Each day we wake up to new headlines, discoveries and disasters. The political, economic and social shifts that occur daily shape every aspect of the corporate world. How do we respond to climate change? Cyber hacking? Changing markets? Unstable governments? All these topics require the attention and probe the capability of Leaders. The world is moving at light speed, and businesses need to move with it.

Leaders are tasked with preparing their businesses to progress with constant change. In October 2017, Development Beyond Learning will be holding its first ever Leaders’ Summit in both London and Sydney, uniting successful and inspirational C-suite executives and senior leaders from a range of industries. Over the course of a morning, you’ll explore the need and desire to develop as leaders to grow with the world’s ever-changing political, economic, social, environmental and technological climates.  

Business Leaders of today and of tomorrow must adapt when unprecedented shifts ensue. As leaders, your role in society is parallel to none. The world of business shapes everything around us, everything we see and touch. There’s an element of responsibility that comes with a leadership role, not only to those you employ, but those you serve, and the rest of the world that you come into contact with, be it via sale of goods or purely impact. More so now than ever before, the media and public stresses the need for leaders to step up, speak out, and make a difference in a world that faces constant uncertainty in all realms. So, what role will you play? 

Over the course of the day, you and your executive counterparts will tackle the pressing issues, thoughts and perspectives that demand attention today. After the summit, you will receive a blueprint to implement that will flourish from our think-tank discussions and aid development, ready to excel further success for your business in the face of change.

‘Leading at Lightspeed.’ To lead is one thing, but to lead in the trends of today is another. The world is moving at a pace never seen before: it’s challenging, it’s uncertain, but most of all, it’s exciting.

To find out more and enquire about the event (both London and Sydney), visit http://www.dblleadersummit.com


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