A new era dawns - Development Beyond Learning acquired by JobReady

A post from Josh Mackenzie -  Chief Executive Officer, Development Beyond Learning
September 2017 was a huge milestone.
Firstly, I was privileged to spend three days with 12 extra-ordinary young leaders in New York during the UN’s General Assembly week in conjunction with ‘Virgin Unite’ and the Virgin Group – working on an incredible new initiative. More on that to come.
Secondly, reaching 10 years at Development Beyond Learning was a great reminder of just how far we've come from such humble beginnings. What a ride it has been.
Which brings me to my third point.
On the very same day LinkedIn promptly notified me of my 10-year anniversary, our new group CEO, Marc Washbourne, presented to our global team about the new group DBL now calls home. The timing could not have been better.
Development Beyond Learning has been acquired by JobReady.
JobReady is a leading Australian technology company in education and employment. With the support of investment partners Pemba Capital, Marc and his team are leading the charge to build a formidable HR, education and employment technology group of companies.
Marc commented in JobReady’s press release today “We are excited to bring DBL into the JobReady group. We were attracted to their future thinking on the education of young people and their incredibly passionate team. We believe soft skills are becoming increasingly valuable in the contemporary world of work. Providing resources that help young people to develop them is a critical yet often missing element in their ‘jobreadiness’.”
For me, I’m extremely proud that a little idea more than 10 years ago continues to evolve to new heights. The idea that young people entering the workforce as graduates can and should be provided with opportunities to learn what they need to succeed. This little idea turned out to be pretty big. It has taken our team and our products to almost every corner of the planet in partnership with many of Australia and the world’s leading employer brands.
DBL exists to change lives by having a positive impact on people and their organisations – and that remains. To that end we put 4,000 graduates in 16 countries through our programs every year supported by offices in Sydney and London and a team of staff and accredited trainers around the world.
We’re now also complementing this with management and leadership development programs.
I'm staying with the team and business.
Alongside JobReady, I have personally invested in the future of DBL and will continue to lead the business forward with a strong commitment to our team, clients and participants.
In practical terms, I’m thrilled about the technology capability JobReady brings to DBL to further strengthen our digital learning offering. What this means for the graduate, management and leadership space is exciting.
I’m also excited about the hand in glove opportunity to bring our 12 years of experience in developing graduates at the world’s leading graduate employers in global employment markets, to the education and employment sector through JobReady. This can further build on the success we have had with leading universities in Australia so far. 
New opportunities with other businesses in the Group are also being explored. Esher House is a respected specialist behavioural science business. Their work supports employers and educators to build mental resilience in employees and students through research in brain science.
I want to say a huge thank you to my long time partner and good friend Gary Lear – who while exiting DBL in the near future will forever remain dear to my heart and my partner in many ways. Gary and I have done it all together and I can't think of a better friend to have been on this incredible ride with for so long.
Relationships matter and there are lots of people to thank.
Thank you to our team, clients and industry supporters – both past and present – who really are the ones who have made DBL what it is today.
A special mention needs to go to Angela Hands. Angela has been our Global GM for 3.5 years and is a formidable force in the business and industry. Angela continues to have a positive impact every day. Thank you Angela for everything you have given to DBL so far and I look forward working with you in to the future!
I am proud of where we are as a business and I am excited and looking forward to the future. I look forward to you joining us as we continue on our mission!
To a new era!
Josh Mackenzie 
Chief Executive Officer, Development Beyond Learning
Massive thank you to the DBL team: Gary Lear, Angela Hands, Jackie Burrows, Mark Hoare, Adam Culligan, Elana Kohn, Ross Blaikie, Nilesh Sane, Matt Chaplin, Nathan Clark, Christopher Gilpin, David Porter, Joie Risk, Mitchell Currie, Colin Lee, Rebecca Smith, Sara Gray, Robert Walker, Francessca Spencer, Tony Dowling, Sorin Calcan, Rob Geraghty, Katrina Lewis, Andrew Limb, Lorna Hudson, Amy Stewart, Sala Shihombing, Zoe Fitzgerald, Ramon Marmolejos, Julie Crotty, Graeme Kishiuchu, Graeme Sutherland, Chelle Verite, Karen Houston, Gail Bower, Sharmila Sivalingam, Sharon Williams, Shirley Gray, Anne-Louise Pemberton, Hayley Angell, Malek Adjerad, Simon Rintel, Christine McLiver, Saskia Spaan, Mike Mackay, Kym Viant, Benjamin Sheridan, Mohsen Kokabi, Arun Kumar Jella, Bhavesh Borad, Sammi Xu, Clodagh Beatty, Jason Ward
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